Maki F101

Maki F101

This is chassis production number 1 of 4 Maki F101 series monocoques Maki Engineering produced in 1974, known as chassis number one or sometimes zero (most notably in Japanese Car Graphic magazine).

This very car was pictured in Car Graphic magazine April 1974 issue for their launch and it stayed in Japan ever since, most of the times hung up on a wall of an aftermarket vehicle part shop in Nagoya from the early 80’s until in 2005, when the current owner purchased the car, then restored to its current glory.

We took the car to England to take part at Goodwood Festival of Speed 2014, just before that we asked its original driver Shotetsu Arai (also known as Shaw Hayami) in Japan, then it was driven up the hill by its another original driver Howden Ganley.

The car was also reunited with most of the original Maki Engineering team members later the same year at Fuji Speedway such as, Kenji Mimura, Masao Ono, Shotetsu Arai and others.


Maki F101

C14C8684 のコピー

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